Hey Future Millionaire!

As your business coach, my mission is to help you scale your business through my proven digital marketing strategies and business funding expertise. It's time for you to #Ellievate!
About Me

I started my business in 2020, at 27, with 4 kids, in a corner.
It's so important for me to share my journey to entrepreneurship, and how I made $1.3 million in 10 months - because I know that my story can inspire someone else to have the same success.

I started my business in the 2020 Pandemic using the initial $1200 stimulus check. I knew that I wanted to share my knowledge about business, finance & entrepreneurship and decided to use some of that money as my seed capital.

It wasn't perfect, It wasn't easy, but I got it done. I started the business 5 months after finalizing my divorce - in the midst of losing one identity as a wife, I gained another as an entrepreneur.

Everything you need to build the life you want is already within you.
Believe in yourself and commit! #EllieTalksMoney